VIOLIN SET-UP:     The most basic but most important thing you can do for your violin is to ensure it is properly set-up and adjusted. Many instruments come to my shop with poorly fitted bridges and soundposts. Players are really at a disadvantage with these instruments. It’s like driving a car with the front end out of alignment or the engine running on three cylinders. Your violin just can’t play to it’s potential and the player must work twice as hard to find the right note. I’ll be glad to do a free inspection of your violin and make recommendations that will dramatically improve the sound and playability of your instrument. The best part,  most adjustments can be done while you wait. With nearly 30 years experience on over a thousand violins I guarantee our set-ups and  adjustments will exceed your expectations.

NEWSFLASH! Installation of Wittner Finetune Pegs and Knilling Perfection Planetary Pegs. Now we can now replace your old sticky or slipping pegs with state of the art no hassle mechanical pegs that will last forever at the lowest price. Choose from either Wittner Mechanical Pegs or Knilling Perfection Pegs. Professionally installed for just $150 on most all violins. Price includes parts and labor. Also available for Cello.

VIOLIN REPAIR:  Professional and accurate repair and restoration of all violin family stringed instruments. With nearly 30years experience as a Violinmaker I can guarantee the repair and restoration of your instrument will exceed your expectations.  I use only the highest quality bridges, strings and accessories at no additional cost to you.  I’m  proud to offer the lowest prices for violin repair in Rhode Island and All my repairs are GUARANTEED!

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