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Calin Wulter Violins
Expertly made in Europe with select Carpathian maple and spruce that has been properly aged. Superb European workmanship, careful graduations of top and back, German spirit varnish and expert final set-up in our shop make these violins beautiful to look at and exceptionally pleasing to play. Three different grades of the Calin Wulter are offered, No. 5, 6, and 7 and are available in 4/4 full size only. Violins available in Stradivari and Guarnari models. Please contact us for guaranteed lowest price anywhere in the country.

Calin Wultur #7 Stradavari model. One piece back. Special price…$1800

Andreas Eastman violin model VL-305. This is an excellent, well made violin that has an amazing deep full tone. Made with choice spruce top and well flamed matching back and ribs. Nicely carved scroll. Perfect for an advancing player who needs a BIG instrument for a low price. Expertly set-up and adjusted in my shop. …Guaranteed lowest price anywhere! please call. (401) 647-4747 or email:

Jean-Pierre Lupot Model VL-501… Nice step up violin for an intermediate player. Nice select spruce top and highly flamed tiger maple back with spirit varnish that has been elegantly applied and nicely antiqued. highest quality fittings and strings. Available in 4/4, 7/8 and 3/4 sizes. Guaranteed lowest price.Please contact me for more information: or 401-647-4747


Rudoulf Doetscch Model VL-701….Excellent violin and suitable for an advanced player. Carved from European tonewoods with much attention to detail. Strings Magazine gives these violins glowing reviews! Violin available in 4/4 Guarneri pattern and 7/8 to 1/4 sizes in Stradivari pattern. Guaranteed lowest price anywhere, Just Please contact me for further details: or 401-647-4747.


Eastern Strings No. 405 Handmade exclusively for Michael Lyons Violins. Highest quality Ebony pegs with Gold pins. Professionally set-up and adjusted in my shop with Perlon core strings, a French Aubert #7 bridge, Wittner tailpiece w/ adjusters or Hill type ebony tailpiece, highest quality spruce soundpost expertly fitted to ensure the violin plays evenly, responds easily and projects remarkably. Beautifully seasoned tonewoods including a select raised grain spruce top, highly flamed tiger maple back with matching ribs and neck. Just a uniquely stunning and powerful violin at an incredible price. $475.

Eastern Strings model 505 Handmade exclusively for Michael Lyons Violins. Beautifully varnished, stunning one piece back. Expertly fitted in my shop with matching rosewood fittings, perlon strings, french bridge, select sound post and Wittner ultra tailpiece. All expertly adjusted to ensure optimal tone and playability. Exceptional violin at a very modest price. Perfect for advancing student. Super tone, plays very evenly. $550

Antonio Fiorini Violin. Beautifully carved and expertly varnished copy of Guarneri. Strings Magazine wrote the following review; The new Antonio Fiorini violins from Century Strings pair a warm, tasteful antique appearance with a friendly, open sound that projects well. The instruments which lean toward the upper end of Century’s offerings are made of aged spruce and maple with good quality ebony fittings. The rusty red gold oil varnish antiquing exhibits no garnish battle scars, just plausible varnish wear and a little implied patina. The violin is comfortable to play and well set-up. The neck and fingerboard are nicely shaped, the pegs work smoothly and string heights and bow clearance are up to spec. The violin speaks easily with a bright focused sound. I might add, this violin is VERY resonant, open and focused yet has tremendous projection therefore I feel it is an excellent instrument for a soloist or any player that needs a violin that can be heard. Made in the Old Italian style. M.S.R.P. $2500 Lowest price I could find in any shop was $2250. My price is guaranteed the lowest of any shop in the country..Guaranteed. Please contact me for my discount price at 401-647-4747 or email:

Jonathan Li Model model VL 503 NOW AVAILABLE!!! LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE! Pictures available soon! Stradivari pattern or Guarneri del Gesu’s. The Heifitz or Paganini. Beautifully selected tiger maple backs with matching ribs. Book matched medium grained Adirondack spruce top. This is the same spruce that is usually reserved for high end Martin guitars. Exceptional tone. Professionally set-up with Dominant strings and Despiau Superieur bridge. These violins are featured in the March 2012 issue of Strings magazine. A video is available of the Jonathan Li Paganini violin in action at Guaranteed lowest price anywhere, we’ll take your old violin in trade!!
Sorry, no pictures available….coming soon!

ZHEN JIE ZHAO violin. Master luthier Zhao visited my shop several months ago and I was so impressed by the workmanship of his violins that I bought several right away. Each violin is expertly carved using the finest tonewoods. Varnish is beautifully layered and hand rubbed to a beautiful translucent finish. Superb tone and excellent projection. Please contact me for further details: or call 401-647-4747.


Heifitz 1740   MODEL 800 ES    Expertly made master art copies of some of Stradivari and Guarnaris most famous violins. Each instrument is beautifully hand carved with much attention to detail using only the finest flamed maple and select spruce. Expertly finished with a fine oil varnish in the Italian tradition. The result is each instrument is more beautiful than the next with the tone being deep, full, and resonate with superb projection. Unlike alot of the bigger shops that sell these violins with a “factory” set-up, I personally set-up each violin with the finest pegs, tailpiece, Dominant Infield strings, French bridge and select soundpost all professionally adjusted to ensure superb tone and playability. This is a great instrument for the advancing player or professional. Model 800ES.  Also available, Lord Wilton copy. See second row of pictures. Click pictures for larger image.

Pietro Lombardi VL502 antiqued violin. Professional model from 2013. Beautifully varnished with hand applied and shaded layers of oil varnish. Stunning and unusual tiger maple back with matching ribs along with a select European Spruce top give this violin a distinctive, one of a kind look. The bridge and soundpost have been expertly carved and adjusted. The strings were upgraded with Dominant’s finest Infield Strings. Highest quality boxwood pegs, tailpiece, chinrest and endpin all expertly fitted in my shop to make this just a beautiful antiqued violin that really stands out! The best part…The tone is amazing. Deep and full with just outstanding response and projection.  German violins that sell for over $5000 are not nearly as nice as this and don’t sound as good.
Buy this for less than half that price. Guaranteed lowest price anywhere.  Please call me. 401-647-4747 or email:

Handmade Violin by Master Luthier Wojciech Topa. Labeled Wojciech Topa Fecit Zakopane anno 2015. These violins are in demand and extremely hard to come by. Incredibly, I have access to two. Serial no. I’ll beat anyones price and save you thousands!! Available in Guanari and Guadagnini models. Please call for details. 401-647-4747 or email:


Topa Workshop Violins. These violins are made under the strict guidance of Master Luthier Wojciech Topa in Poland. Made with the same strict requirements and attention to detail by trained luthiers in the Topa workshop. Amazing quality and a great value at less than half the price of the Masters own work. Suggested retail price is $6000. My price is the lowest in the industry. Available in Stradavari and Guarnari models. Please call for details at 401-647-4747 or email:


Bobak Violin. Labeled GRZEGORZ BOBAK VIOLINO- Master Violin. Nowy Targ, Poland anno 2015 Absolutely beautiful instrument with great attention to detail. Available in Guarnari, Stradavari, Bergonzi and Guadagnini models. My price is lower than the suggested retail of $9800. My price is also the lowest in the industry, Guaranteed! Please contact me for details at 401-647-4747 or email


Josef Simon Violins
This master instrument is made in Romania by Mr. Simon along with his son. He claims he uses 35 year old aged wood and has supporting evidence. Unlike most other instruments in this price range, his instruments are capable of being “driven” and are likely to satisfy a fine player who doesn’t have much to spend. I’ve never seen a bad review on his violins. Offered at the guaranteed lowest price, Anywhere!!. Call or contact us for pricing and details.

Andrzej Swietlinski Violins
Master luthier Andrzej Swietlinski offers some of the finest violins from Poland. He uses the finest tone woods and his work is always meticulous, beautiful and consistent. He expertly carves authentic copies of the worlds finest violin including Stradivari, Guarneri,Grancino, Maggini and Guadagnini. Please contact us for the absolute lowest price anywhere and additional details.

Jarek Koscielny Violins

Master Luthier from Poland. Available in Guarnari and Stradivari models. I have the Lowest prices in the industry, Guaranteed. Please contact me at 401-647-4747 or email: for additional details and pricing.


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