Older Violins & Violas

German copy of Antonio Stradavarius fully restored with Lifetime Guarantee $450. Contact mike@lyonsviolin.com  or call  401-647-4747


Copy of ANTONIUS STRADAVARIUS faciebat Cremona 1713 Made in West Germany. Nicely made older violin in Pristine condition. Great violin for an advancing player. Brand new setup including Aubert French bridge, Wittner tailpiece with adjusters, Pirastro Tonca Strings, high quality ebony pegs and new soundpost expertly fitted for optimal tone. Just $500.


Older violin labeled Antonius Stradaivarius Cremonenfis Faciebat Anno 1736. Nice tone, new setup $750.


Thomas Angelina, Handmade in Europe exclusively for Michael Lyons Violins. Foster, Rhode Island. Nicely flamed. Select spruce top with a beautifully carved Tiger Maple back and scroll.  Expertly fitted ebony inlay over the button. Great, powerful, full sound. Plays very evenly. This violin would be a huge step up for an advancing player.  Great Value at $1099. Please contact us at 401-647-4747 or email, mike@lyonsviolin.com









ANTONIO FIORINI beautifully carved copy of a fine Joseph Guarnerius violin . Strings Magazine has endorsed this instrument as an excellent step up violin at an affordable price. Amazing tone, great projection. Having tried hundreds of different imported violins over many years I can say without hesitation that this is the absolute best in this price range….M.S.R.P. $2500……. My price is much lower!! Please call for further details 401-647-4747 or email: mike@lyonsviolin.com


Beautiful Old violin labeled GIOVAN PAOLO MAGGINI BRESCIA 1615. This is a Masterart copy c.1920 in absolutely mint condition. Powerful, clear,deep tone! Beautifully carved with highest quality select tonewoods. Complete new setup including Infield Red Strings, French Aubert bridge, expertly fitted soundpost and Highest quality Ebony fittings. Priced hundreds below retail. Please call for details 401-647-4747 or email: mike@lyonsviolin.com


Beautifully carved Stradavari violin. Oil varnish, completely restored. Exceptional tone and projection.Please email:mike@lyonsviolin.com or call 401-647-4747 for further details…Save thousands!


Nice Czechoslovakian violin. c.1940 Copy of Stradavari. Excellent condition. Complete new setup. Great tone, plays very evenly. Just $599. Please email for further details: mike@lyonsviolin.com or call 401-647-4747


Old French Violin. Professioally Regraduated. Typed label states: Processing and plate co-ordination according to Cremaona technique by James T. Mackinnon, Pawtucket R.I. 1941


Quality German copy. Labeled GIOVAN PAOLO MAGGINI. Awesome tone, great condition. Just totally restored. Just $1299. Please email for further details: mike@lyonsviolin.com or call 401-647-4747



Remarkable OLD 16 inch Viola. Labeled MATHIAS HORNSTEINER Geigenmacher Hofschmied in Mittenwald an der Iser Anno 18**. Exceptional quality professional grade instrument in mint condition. Wide grain select spruce top and just expertly carved Tiger Maple back, ribs and neck. Never any repairs! All new set-up including highest quality ebony pegs w/ Gold pins, Obligato strings, French Aubert bridge, Hill tailpiece and fitted select spruce soundpost. All expertly adjusted for maxium tone and playability. Suitable for college Music Major or Professional player. Priced THOUSANDS below Boston and New York retail prices. Please call for further details (401)647-4747 or email: mike@lyonsviolin.com (SOLD)


Nice older copy Antonio Stradavari c.1890 Fully restored with Lifetime Guarantee just $450.(SOLD) Contact mike@lyonsviolin.com  or call 401-647-4747


JOHN JUZEK Violinmaker in Prague, Made in Czechoslovakia (signed) c.1920 Very nice original condition with new set up including Dominant Thomastik Strings and the finest fittings. $1950 Please call for additional details 401-647-4747 or email: mike@lyonsviolin.com


Beautiful French violin labeled Giovan Paole Maggini brefcia 1696. Exceptional quality, exceptional tone. New set-up. Suitable for advanced player. Priced way below market value. (SOLD) Please contact me for further details at (401) 647-4747 or mike@lyonsviolin.com



Older German violin with a beautifully inlaid back. Just restored and set up including new quality pegs, Pirastro strings, French bridge, soundpost and Wittner tailpiece. Lifetime guarantee for just $550. Call me at 401-647-4747 or email me mike@lyonsviolin.com


EDUARD REICHERT made in DRESDEN, fecit anno 1911. Beautiful, highly flamed violin with excellent tone and projection. Just freshly setup with Dominant Thomastik Strings, Aubert #7 French bridge, Ebony pegs w/gold pins and more. Priced hundreds below retail at just $1650 with lifetime guarantee. Please call me for further details at 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com


Copy of Antonius Stradivari. Made in Germany. Fresh setup including Dominant Thomastik Strings and French bridge. This violin has been completely restored as are all my violins and comes with a lifetime guarantee. This is a more professionally made instrument and has a tremendous clear tone, great projection and can really be pushed. Save hundreds!!…. just $1550. Please call me at 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com


Better Quality Older German violin. Fine wood selection and expertly carved arching gives this violin an excellent appearance and tone. New setup with highest quality setup and fittings. All with a Lifetime guarantee for just $1875. Please call for further details at 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com


Interesting completely Handmade copy of a Antonio Stradavari violin. Exceptional in every way and the tone reflects the attention to detail that went into making this violin. Fresh setup with the highest quality fittings and accessories. Save Hundreds, perhaps thousands. Just $1600 with lifetime guarantee. Please call me for further details at 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com


Another Fine John Juzek c. 1940 violin. Not as old as the others on this website but less expensive and still exceptional quality. Beautiful bookmatched, highly flamed Tiger Maple two piece back, ribs and neck. Select Spruce top. Just completely restored and as with all my violins, guaranteed for life! Big full sound, plays very evenly! Low price, just $1600. Please contact me for further details at (401) 647-4747 or email: mike@lyonsviolin.com (SOLD)


Eastern Strings model 805 made in 2015. Amazing one piece back and choice spruce top. Beautifully carved with amazing tone, highest quality fittings and lifetime guarantee. Just $575!! INCLUDES CASE AND NICE WOOD BOW! WOW! Please contact me for further details at 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com


Antonius Stradivarius Cremononfis faciebat Anno 1730. Very Nice older copy with a brand new fresh setup. Great tone, plays easily and is in great shape. Just $1450 with lifetime guarantee. Please call 401-647-4747 or emil mike@lyonsviolin.com


Thomas Angelina model 905 Made in 2015. Exceptional quality, highly flamed tiger maple back, neck and ribs combined with a nice spruce top and expertly applied varnish makes this violin just stunning. Highest quality fittings and strings make it sound as good as it looks. Awesome selection for an advancing player. Just $950 with my lifetime guarantee. please contact me at 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com


Exceptional old violin labeled Joseph & Antonius Gagliano Fec. anno 1793 In Plateadicea Gerriglio. Extremely well made with choice tonewoods. New setup includes Pegs, Dominant Thomastik Strings, Aubert bridge and new soundpost. Amazing tone and projection. Please contact me for further details: mike@lyonsviolin.com or call 401-647-4747.


VIOLA 15.5 inches labeled MACIEJ LACEK, NOWY TARG, POLAND 2014. Beautiful handmade viola with a Huge full sound and great projection. Set up and fully adjusted with a French bridge, Evah Pirazzi strings and a Hill style tailpiece. Deep, expertly applied oil varnish. Suitable for a professional player. Buy it here and SAVE. Priced a thousand dollars Less than the lowest Boston price. Call Me at 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com DSCN4778DSCN4779DSCN4780

VIOLA 15.5 inches labeled CALIN WULTUR No. 7 , ROMANIA 2014. Nice straight grained spruce top, highly flamed back, ribs and neck. Expertly carved under the direct supervision of Calin Wultur by Italian trained luthers using the finest tonewoods and time proven Italian methods. Set-up with Obligato strings, French bridge and an expertly fitted soundpost. These are extremely high quality instruments at a very affordable price. Note: More sizes available in June. There is a projected 10% price increase coming on these instruments some time in July. Special! Guaranteed HUNDREDS LESS THAN BOSTON’S INFLATED PRICES!! . Contact me at 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com


Beautiful French model professional grade violin with stunning one piece curly maple back c.1910 Expertly carved with Straight wide grain spruce top. Deep, full tone, excellent projection. Many violin shops sell this type of violin for over $3000. Save over a thousand dollars. My price just $1850 with Lifetime Guarantee! Contact mike@lyonsviolin.com or call 401-647-4747 SOLD


French Violin labeled……..Pierre Hel Luthier du Conservatoire a Lille en l’an 1902 PH………Beautifully carved spruce top and nicely carved highly flamed maple back with double purfleing. Amazing powerful, full tone. Plays very evenly. An excellent instrument for any serious player looking to take their playing to the next level. Priced thousands below Boston shops. Please call for further details 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com


Professionally made German violin labeled…….Arlow Heinriech in Wein 1893………A remarkable violin. Just completely setup with highest quality fittings including Pegs, French bridge, soundpost and Dominant strings. An amazing violin with an exceptional full resonant tone with great projection. Very affordable…priced thousands below Boston violinshop inflated prices and it’s GUARANTEED! Please contact me for further details at 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com (SOLD)


TOPA VIOLIN. Labeled Wojiech Topa Fecit Zakopane Anno 2015. This Maker has to be included in the conversation If you are a serious player thinking of purchasing your dream violin. Beautifully carved and completely handmade by the Master Luthier Wojiech Topa. There is a waiting list for these instruments but today (10-29-2015) I actually have access to two. Serial #’s 111885 and 112021. I’ll save you thousands and Guarantee to give you the lowest price…Anywhere!!! Please call for details at 401-647-4747 or email: mike@lyonsviolin.com


Beautiful handmade violin c. 1890 Exceptional in every detail. Nicely carved spruce top with two piece widely flamed maple back and matching ribs. expertly applied brown varnish over a golden base. Big, full, deep and dark in the lower register with great projection. Plays very evbienly. Suitable for an advanced or advancing player that’s looking for a special instrument at a reasonable price. Just set up with Dominant strings, French Aubert bridge, new soundpost, Finest quality ebony pegs and tailpiece. Guaranteed to exceed your expectations and play trouble free. This violin is in an excellent state of preservation, no repaired cracks. Please contact me for further details. mike@lyonsviolin.com or call  401-647-4747 DSCN4580DSCN4582DSCN4583

American violin labeled Ivar Bergstrom, Providence , Rhode Island 1932. Beautifully carved, expertly applied brown oil varnish over a reddish yellow base. Stunning one piece tiger maple back with matching ribs and straight grained spruce top. The handsomely carved and grafted scroll shows the hand of a true Master luthier. Ivar Bergstrom was a highly regarded violinmaker and restorer in his day. He had access to and worked on several Stradivari violins in his day and his violinmaking skills and attention to detail is evident. This violin has an amazing deep full tone, great projection and plays very evenly. 356 mm. Play this violin against any of the very expensive Boston violins of the same period and I guarantee you’ll prefer this one. Please contact me for the incredibly low price at 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com (SOLD)


Nicely built Older German Violin. Fresh, complete set-up including Bridge, Wittner tailpiece, Tonica Strings, Highest quality ebony pegs w/ gold pins and expertly fitted soundpost. All carefully adjusted for maximum tone and playability. Save hundreds. Just $1600. Please contact me for further details at (401) 647-4747 or email me at mike@lyonsviolin.com


Exceptional professional grade violin in the style of Jean Baptiste Vuillaume. Excellent craftsmanship throughout. Amazing tone that can instantly fill a concert hall. Reddish brown varnish over a golden base applied to select spruce and tightly flamed maple tonewoods. Expertly carved with the most graceful archings. Video and soundclip of this instrument available on request. Completely refurbished with all new strings and fittings. Length of back 355 mm. Please call for further details. 401-647-4747 or contact  mike@lyonsviolin.com DSCN4599DSCN4603DSCN4601

FRENCH VIOLIN C. 1890 Expertly carved professional grade French violin. New set-up includes Dominant Thomastik Strings, Aubert bridge, soundpost, tailpiece and highest quality pegs. Deep, deep, full tone with a beautiful red “crackle” varnish over a one piece back. Must see and hear. Priced thousands below full retail value. Please call 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com


Lovely high quality workshop violin labeled…….. Antonius Stradavarius Cremonenfis faciebat Anno 1735……..Expertly made with a stunning selection of the finest spruce top and wildly flamed tiger maple back, ribs and neck. Deep full projecting tone with a new complete setup that includes Dominant Thomastic strings, French Aubert bridge, Highest quality ebony pegs w/ gold pins. All expertly adjusted for maximum tone and playability. Priced many hundreds of dollars less than any other shop with a Lifetime guarantee. Please call for further details at 401-647-4747 or email: mike@lyonsviolin.com  SOLD


Interesting OLD handmade violin with an Italian label: Carlo Testore Me Fecit Cremona del anno 1605. Yellow brown varnish on a wide grain spruce top with a two piece widely flamed maple back and matching ribs. Old wood inlaid purfeling. Absolutely beautifully carved and grafted scroll. New set up. Amazing tone and appearance. Length of back 354 mm. Please contact me for further details. mike@lyonsviolin.com or call 401-647-4747  —SOLD—


Exceptional violin Handmade by a master violinmaker. Suitable for a very advanced player. Wide, wide grain spruce top with an exceptional widely flamed maple back and ribs. Beautifully applied yellow brown oil varnish. Huge sound! Length of back is 354 mm. Please contact me for further details mike@lyonsviolin.com or call  401-647-4747

Wilhelm Durrschmidt Geigenbauer Markneukirchen. Label is branded inside the violin. Beautifully grained spruce top with highly flamed one peice maple back and ribs. Reddish orange varnish over a golden base. Expertly carved. Huge full projecting tone. Very Responsive! A remarkable violin. This exact same model violin is currently being offered for $5500 by another violin shop. My price is just $2500  SOLD


German violin c. 1940. Nicely made fully restored including pegs, soundpost, bridge, tailpiece etc. Professionally set-up for maximum tone and playability. Looks good, sounds good, trouble free instrument for just $750

Ulric E. Charpentier, Anthony, Rhode Island, 1953 Beautifully handmade Rhode Island violin in exceptional condition. Please call 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com

Hieronimus Amati Cremonensis, fecit anno salutis 1660. Professionally made violin c.1910 . Beautifully carved. Exceptional tone. Suitable for soloist. Absolutely MINT condition. As new.  Please click on pictures to enlarge to see the beautiful varnish, wood selection and workmanship that went into this instrument. Please call 401-647-4747 or email, mike@lyonsviolin.com

John Juzek Violinmaker in Prague 1920. Regraduated Professional grade violin. Excellent projection. Deep full tone. Comes with a $3000 written appraisal from another Rhode Island violin shop dated 1988. My price 26 years later is just. $2800. Please call 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com…..SOLD


American Handmade violin c.1840 interesting violin. Nicely carved, wide flamed tiger maple back, ribs and neck. Recently, fully restored including pegs, bridge, soundpost, endpin, perlon strings. All highest quality fittings. Sounds great, good projection, great tone. Just $1099. Please call 401-647-4747 or email, mike@lyonsviolin.com


Gust. Bergstrom. Providence, Rhode Island. 1933 Beautifully handmade instrument. Very nice tone. Stunning flamed maple matched back and ribs. $1599. Please call 401-647-4747 or email, mike@lyonsviolin.com

G.A. Morse, Putnam, Conn. No. 60 1907. Stradivarius copy. Beautifully inlaid back. Superb tone. $1400. Please call 401-647-4747 or email, mike@lyonsviolin.com SOLD

Pietro Lombardi, 2013. Exceptional newer violin that has been professionally Antiqued and carved to resemble an old instrument. Incredible tone and appearance. Select boxwood pegs, tailpiece and chinrest. Expertly fitted French bridge and adjusted soundpost for optimal tone and projection. Perfect for advancing player who wants a special instrument that looks as stunning as it sounds. Deep full tone, plays very evenly. Guaranteed…. lowest price anywhere…So low I’m not allowed to advertise the price.  Please contact us 401-647-4747 or email mike@lyonsviolin.com


Jacobus Stainer in Absam, Prope Oenipontum illegible date. 16?? Beautiful 18th century violin. Deep, deep tone on the lower notes. Beautifully grafted scroll. Some repairs, in great overall condition. $2400. Please call 401-647-4747 or email, mike@lyonsviolin.com

Ulric E. Charpentier, Violinmaker Anthony, Rhode Island, 1953 Stunning Handmade New England Violin. Professionally carved. Gorgeous wood. Makers repair to top right cheek. Otherwise mint. Deep, full, tone. These violins are much sought after by serious players looking for a special handmade instrument at an affordable price. Please call 401-647-4747 or email, mike@lyonsviolin.com

Unique Merle Haggard autographed violin labeled Anton Schrotter, Violinmaker in Mittenwald/ Bayern. Master art copy Made in Germany. Very good condition with a new set-up. Nice tone. Fancy old inlaid pegs that have been reconditioned and a matching tailpiece. Call for details and price. 401-647-4747 or email, mike@lyonsviolin.com

Albert Hildebrandt, Baltimore, Maryland 1905. Exceptionally beautiful violin by a very highly regarded master violinmaker. Labeled and branded at the button and endpin. This instrument is in MINT, “as new” condition. Incredible deep, full, even tone. If you are considering spending $8,000 to $12,000 dollars on a high end violin, you owe it to yourself to try this first. (SOLD)

Old higher quality Handmade re-graduated German violin. Stunning birds eye maple back and ribs. Select wide grain spruce top. Excellent tone, plays very evenly. Exceptional, MINT condition. No cracks or repairs. New highest quality ebony fittings . New Aubert #7 bridge and soundpost. Professionally adjusted. 354mm. $2400   Please call 401-647-4747 or email,  mike@lyonsviolin.com

Tomaso Eberle fecit Nap. 1771 This violin is everything you would expect to find in a high end Italian violin. Stunning, highly flamed one piece back with matching ribs. Beautifully carved scroll. Wide grain spruce top with an amazing, deep reddish brown oil varnish. Excellent condition, totally updated with new pegs,nut, soundpost, infield red strings. All expertly adjusted for optimal tone and playability. This violin will absolutely exceed any professional players expectations and requirements. (SOLD)

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